Young Ferment

A collaboration between Bristol Old Vic Young Company and Bristol Ferment, Young Ferment allows the Young Company’s emerging writers, composers, directors and devisors to try out their ideas with creative support from a professional team.

In 2019, Maisie Newman and Elinor Lower supported four young artists to develop their ideas from page to stage, with performances of the work in The Weston Studio, Bristol Old Vic.

The Iron Curtain | Concept by Charles Hughes

In the not-so-distant future, a nation chokes on patriotism. The streets are plastered with propaganda, and strict rules dictate the speech, movement, and actions of all citizens—but somewhere beneath, a rebellion brews.

Iron Curtain is a social thriller exploring a world of division, mistranslation and state-sanctioned hatred, where the language you speak gives away your political beliefs.
Ferrum Cortinam — Iron Curtain —  Īren Ryft

Are you a spectator or a rebel? Make your choice.

Unnatural | Concept by Meg Alexandra

We invite you to spend time with us, because we have some things to say.

In 72 countries worldwide it is still illegal to be gay, and in 8 of those it can carry the death penalty.

In the UK, the number of reported anti-LGBT+ hate crimes went up by 124% between 2016-18.
80% of anti-LGBT+ hate crimes go unreported.

It happens here too.

Unnatural is a reflective exploration of collective responsibility performed by an ensemble cast; a communal sharing of stories and celebration and shame and joy. We are all here together, and we want to talk.

Let Them Eat Chaos | Concept by Ben Frith

A group of actors gather on a stage. A group of human teenagers gather on a stage. A group of tired, angry, silly people gather on a stage. They are lonely. They are coping. They keep dancing.
Inspired by Kate Tempest’s spoken word album.

Has it started yet? | Concept by Gabe Howard

It's okay to lie. It's okay to be wrong—but you've got to be able to admit it, right?

Lies can be fun. You know what's also fun? Dancing. Shouting. Eggs. Fighting. Coming last in a pub quiz. A pleasant surprise. BIG. RED. BUTTONS.

Join in! Have a laugh! Tell a lie... (admit it)

Has it started yet?

Show photos by Paul Lippiat

Rehearsal photos by Elinor Lower
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