On Ēglond, On Oþerre

Maisie Newman
Composer/Writer Rowan Evans
Dramaturg Elinor Lower
Designer Mimi Donaldson

In development. 

A many-headed cry against historically-driven nationalism and eco-fascism, On Ēglond speaks to the condition of becoming 'islanded' in time, place and ideology.

On Ēglond is a performance project developed by FEN, supported by a Creative Fellowship at University College London, Institute of Advanced Studies (2019-20). The creative team for this stage of development were Maisie Newman (director and visual artist), Rowan Evans (writer and sound artist), Elinor Lower (dramaturg) and Mimi Donaldson (designer and visual artist).

This script is written in bilingual Old English and Modern English and was created in response to research and development with the creative team. It is built around material previously published as WULF (2017-18). Some passages of the script integrate and respond to text written by Maisie Newman and Elinor Lower.


a toast!
You’re too late, everyone’s just gone.
Did you see them go?

It’s alright, I’ll catch them up.
A host always needs old friends,
the meat, the wine, the stories.

The songs!

Brothers, all sat together on a bench.
Strong souls!
I’ll catch them up.

But I want to talk to you,
now you’re here.
Now you’ve all arrived.

May or may not be:
play-script / performance / beast tale /
photography / digital installation
/ a handful of stones




One year, the Great Cold.

Her wæs se micla wintra.

One year, the Chaos Among Birds.

Her wæs þæt micle fugla wæl.

Performer, top image Sonny Barthley
Performer, bottom image Chris Owen
Designer Mimi Donaldson
Photographer Chelsey Cliff
Director Maisie Newman
Pig’s head made by scenic artist Siobhan Raw
Photo based on text written by Rowan Evans + dramaturgy from Elinor Lower 

© elinor lower