Opal Fruits

Performer & Writer Holly Beasley-Garrigan
Director Maisie Newman
Associate Director Jenny Davies
Dramaturg Elinor Lower
Associate Dramaturg Caroline Williams Costume & Set Designer Anna Orton Associate Designer Olivia Altaras
Video & Lighting Designer Rachel Sampley
Sound Designer Ellie Holland/Dutchie
Producers Tom Bevan & Millie Wood-Downie
Stage Manager Roshan Conn

“In 1998 Opal Fruits changed their name to- we don’t say that name here. It was all downhill.”

Armed with pick n mix, politics and UK Garage, Holly Beasley-Garrigan wants to talk about the fetishisation of the feral female. Opal Fruits is about class, nostalgia and five generations of women from one council estate in South London - an anarchic reimagining of the self-congratulatory solo show, and a wry interrogation of faux-working-class cultural trends.

Opal Fruits is Holly's debut solo show, having undergone significant redevelopment with a new and expanded creative team. The show explores what it means to be an artist who grew up in poverty...to have a stake in two worlds but to feel as though you don't really fit into either.

Production images by Jai Bansuri

© elinor lower