Son of Helios


Director Julia Head
Cinematographer Jack Offord
Music by Daniel Forbes and Jack Orozco Morrison
Produced by Hattie De Santis and Phoebe Holman
Sound Editor Tom Codd
Associate Director Xahnaa Adlam
1st Assistant Director Phoebe Holman
2nd Assistant Director Elinor Lower
Workshop Assistant Fifi Delaney
Camera Assistant Dominika Zieba
Sound Recordist David Bekkevold
Boom Oporators Paul Turner, Tom Codd
Engagement Director Lucy Hunt

Behind the scenes photography by Chelsey Cliff.

And I was yet aware that this was only a moment, that the world waited outside, as hungry as a tiger, and that trouble stretched above us, longer than the sky’ - James Baldwin, Sonny’s Blues.

Femi is running away from everything.
He is trying to outrun the boy that no longer fits him, trying to outrun fate that’s already been writ for him, trying to outrun a truth that’s running faster than him.
But nothing is working.
Son of Helios still. A predominantly Black group of young people stand outdoors wearing clothes that suggest they've just finished school. They look into the distance in mild indignation.

Son of Helios still. A young Black girl hugs a young Black boy from behind, her head resting tenderly on the back of his neck.

A one-shot one-take short film written by Julia Head, Xahnaa Adlam and Young SixSix.

The cast and crew of Son of Helios. A cloudy day, outdoors in a hilltop area surrounded by graffitied concrete shelters.

© elinor lower