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We are still not seeing enough Black stories in our theatres, our school, or in our media. But we, the Young SixSix, are changing that with the Young SixSix Library of Black Writing.

Located in the foyer of Bristol Old Vic, the Young SixSix Library is a place to chill out and enjoy some of the best plays, poetry and books by Black writers from Britain and around the world.

All of these books are free for you to read and borrow. No strict deadlines, no fines, no pressure. To borrow one, just find a member of Bristol Old Vic staff.

You can read them on your own, share them with your friends, or come and talk to us about them afterwards. The main thing is that you bring them back when you’re done so that someone else can enjoy them too.

Be part of rewriting the narrative. Join us.


The Young SixSix Library was initiated by the Young SixSix in 2020, in response to the underrepresentation of Black creatives in the UK’s curriculums, theatres, publishing houses and beyond.

“We wanted to shout about Black creativity. We wanted to make something that would last. We wanted to make something useful, for the people of Bristol." — Young SixSix

Librarian / Literary Associate / Guardian of the Books: Elinor Lower

[The Catalogue]

The Young SixSix Library stocks plays, novels, poetry, non-fiction, graphic novels, children’s books and YA fiction.

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All photos by Manoel Akure

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