we meet in the woods (a WIP)

currently under development as part of the Pervasive Media Studio’s Winter Residencies

we meet in the woods (WMITW) is a place-based multiplayer theatrical game exploring more-than-human/forest intelligence, collective decision-making, and the ways tactile technology might invite us to participate differently in the world around us.

some questions:

  • if we could translate the electrical/chemical impulses transmitted by the mycelial networks into audio, what might they say?
  • what might trees and mycelium want us to know?
  • if this is a game, to what extent does free will exist for players?

it is hooked into an interrogation of the ways in which we (workers, individuals, voters, families, nations) are atomised by design, and how we might break out

actively seeking collaborators for future stages of development, so if it sounds like something you’d be into, please get in touch
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